Global Lambda Integrated Facility

Technical Working Group Meeting #18

This was held on 11-12 October 2012 in the Columbus Rooms I-J at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Chicago, United States.

Meeting minutes

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Tech WG introduction
Lars Fischer (NORDUnet)

KRLignt update
Buseung Cho (KRLignt)

StarLight update
Joe J. Mambretti (Northwestern Uni)

NetherLight GOLE update
Gerben van Malenstein (SURFnet)

GEANT Open Exchange status update
Richard Hughes-Jones (DANTE)

Defining GLIF Architecture Task Force
Inder Monga (ESnet)
Use case analysis DRAFT Charter

Joint Tech WG & RAP WG session
Introduction to demonstrations - chaired by Maxine Brown, RAP WG co-chair (UIC)
Demo summary

1 - New Techniques for Uncompressed 4K Video Transmission
Rodney Wilson (Ciena)
2 - Use of High-Speed Networking in Film Restoration Process
Michal Krsek (CESNET)
3 - Remote Collaboration Over 8K Visualization Using UltraGrid and SAGE
Petr Holub (CESNET)
4 - Collaborative Analysis of Climate Models using Remote Scientific Visualization
Paul Wielinga (SARA)
5 - Multipathing with MPTCP and OpenFlow
Ronald van der Pol (SARA)
6 - Plugfest 2 Windy City: NSI v2.0 First Look + GLIF Automated GOLE Pilot Project
Jerry Sobieski (NORDUnet)
7 - High-Resolution Advanced Visualization over Long-Distance Optical Networks
Bartosz Belter (PSNC)
8 - TourCAVE to CAVE2
Tom DeFanti (UCSD)
9 - The Open Science Data Cloud
Robert Grossman (University of Chicago)
10 - Highly Efficient LHC Data Transfer over WAN among 40Gbps Disk Servers using FDT
Harvey Newman, Artur Barcyzk, Azher Mughal (Caltech)
11 - Slice Around the World
Joe Mambretti (Northwestern University/iCAIR)
12 - 100Gbps High-End Computer Networking for Petascale Science
Joe Mambretti (Northwestern University/iCAIR)
13 - InstaGENI Distributed Dynamically Programmable Environment
Joe Mambretti (Northwestern University/iCAIR)
14 - International OpenFlow Experimental Network Testbed
Joe Mambretti (Northwestern University/iCAIR)
15 - High Performance Digital Media Network
Joe Mambretti (Northwestern University/iCAIR)
16 - EVL CAVE2 Demonstrations
Maxine Brown or Jason Leigh (University of Illinois at Chicago's Electronic Visualization Laboratory)

Friday, 12 October 2012

SDN - GLIF Implications and Opportunities
Eric Boyd (Internet2)

Guy Roberts (DANTE)

Paola Grosso (UvA)

Distributed Topology Exchange Task Force
Jeroen van der Ham (UvA)

NSI Implementation Task Force
Inder Monga (ESnet)

Jin Tanaka (KDDI)

Guy Roberts (DANTE)

Jeonghoon Moon (KISTI)

Chin Guok (ESnet)

SURFnet on Demand
John MacAuley (SURFnet)

Dynamic GOLE Services Task Force
Jerry Sobieski (NORDUnet)

GLIF Performance Verification Architectures Task Force
Jerry Sobieski (NORDUnet)

GLIF Tech WG summary
Lars Fischer (NORDUnet)