Global Lambda Integrated Facility


Enabling Technologies
ALS high-throughput genome-wide analysis Research project awarded lightpath through 'Enlighten Your Research' competition.
AtlanTICC: An International Alliance for Innovative ResearchEnables researchers to remotely operate state-of-the-art equipment in the US.
CAMERA: Community Cyberinfrastructure for Advanced Marine Microbial Ecology Research and Analysis Globally accessible community resource of microbial metagenomic data.
CineGrid Initiative to transport high-performance digital media.
CREON: Coral Reef Environmental Observatory Network Building and deploying marine sensor networks.
Data Reservoir Project Enabling distributed data sharing and high-speed computing for analysis and numerical simulation.
DICE Collaboration Initiative to develop authentication-enabled control planes.
DRAGON: Dynamic Resource Allocation via GMPLS Optical NetworksDeveloping technologies to enable dynamic provisioning of network resources on an inter-domain basis across heterogeneous network technologies.
DRAGON and e-VLBI Linking radio telescopes for Very-Long-Baseline-Interferometry (VLBI).
EnLIGHTened Testbed Establishing lightpaths on demand.
ESLEA: Exploitation of Switched Lightpaths for eScience Applications Demonstrated potential of circuit-switched optical networking to the UK e-Science community by running pilot applications.
ESSE: Environmental Scenario Search Engine A flexible, efficient and easy-to-use 'natural language' search engine for mining environmental data archives.
Eucalyptus Participatory Design Studio Grid Facilitating collaboration of architects and industrial designers.
eVLBI: First data from China-Australia, China-Europe and Australia-Europe Baselines Real-time correlation of eVLBI data.
GLEON: Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network Building a network of lake ecology observatories.
GLVF: OptIPuter and Global Lambda Visualization Facility Integrates visualization and collaboration technologies with global cyberinfrastructure.
GridJam: A Networked 3D Immersive Performance Visualising musical performance in three-dimension fashion over networks.
HPDMnet: High-Performance Digital Media Network Testbed Investigating new methods for streaming high-resolution digital media.
INWA: Innovation Node Western Australia Grid focused on understanding regional socio-economic behaviour in the context of global markets.
LCG: Large Hadron Collider Computing Grid Global grid infrastructure to exploit the scientific potential of the ATLAS and CMS experiments.
Large Hadron Collider (LHC) Ultralight Data Analysis Tools Transfer and analysis of data output from LHC particle accelerator.
Microscopy Distributed Laboratory Demonstrator Microsoft-enabled infrastructure for electron microscopy collaboration.
NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis Project at NOAA New atmospheric analysis using historical data.
Optical Multicast and High-Performance Digital MediaHigh-definition broadcasting of classroom instruction.
OptIPuter SAGE Visualcasting Real-time streaming of high-resolution content to tiled display walls.
Phosphorus European project to develop advanced application-level middleware and management and control plane technologies.
SDSS Data Transfers Teraflow Testbed Transferring astronomical data from observatories to scientists around the world.
SPIDR: Space Physics Interactive Data Resource The de-facto standard data source for solar terrestrial physics.
Teraflow Testbed: High Performance Flows for Large Distributed Data Archives Developing tools and applications to transport and mine high-volume data flows.
Teraflow Testbed: Angle Anomaly Detection Project Identifying malicious attacks on cyberinfrastructure.
Teraflow Testbed: Sloan Digital Sky Survey Creating a mirror site for SDSS data.

Education & Outreach
Enlighten Your Research Dutch project to promote use of lightpaths.
Global Cyberbridges US project to improve technology training of scientists.
HDTV Streaming to Student Dormitories Upgrading network facilities of Dutch student accommodations to facilitate advanced educational services.

Cinegrid @ Holland Festival 2008 Demonstration of Trans-Atlantic streaming.
Cinegrid @ GLIF 2007 Demonstration of on-demand intercontinental streaming.
Cinegrid @ Kyoto Prize 2007 Demonstration of Trans-Atlantic and Trans-Pacific streaming.
Dancing 2006 Promoting live performance.
GLVF: OptIPuter SAGE Visualcasting @ GLIF 2007 Visualcasting using SAGE.
GLVF: SAGE @ European Researcher's Night 2007 Streaming ultra-high resolution movies.
GLVF: 50th Anniversary of Sputnik 2007 Streaming of high-resolution animations.
iGrid 2005 Showcase of applications utilising multiple 10 Gbps network connections.
Internet2 Dynamic Circuit Network @ SC07 Demonstrating interoperability of Dynamic Circuit Network with multiple regional and international networks.
perfSONAR Demonstration @ SC07 End-to-end network performance monitoring.
Phoebus Demonstration @ SC07 Framework to allow applications to seamlessly set up dynamic lightpaths.