Global Lambda Integrated Facility

7th Annual Global LambdaGrid Workshop Plenary Sessions

Carolinum, Prague, Czech Republic, 17-18 September 2007

The opening plenary session was held on the morning on 17 September 2007: The closing plenary session was held during the afternoon of 18 September 2007:
  • Closing address - Kees Neggers, SURFnet
  • Reports from Working Group meetings
    • Technical Working Group - Erik-Jan Bos, SURFnet & Rene Hatem, CANARIE
    • Control Plane Working Group - Gigi Karmous-Edwards, MCNC
    • Research and Application Working Group - Maxine Brown, UIC
    • Governance Working Group - Kees Neggers, SURFnet
  • 2008 GLIF Meeting - Jacqueline Brown, Pacific Northwest Gigapop