Global Lambda Integrated Facility

Technical Issues Working Group

Chair: Lars Fischer, NORDUnet & Eric Boyd, Internet2
Secretary: Kevin Meynell


The goals of the working group are to design and implement an international LambdaGrid infrastructure, identify which equipment is being used, what connection requirements are required, and which functions and services should be provided. The following work items have been identified:

  • Define standard terms for GLIF technical resources.
  • Identify and document the best current practices within GLIF.
  • Development of a database of GLIF technical resources, combined scheduling mechanisms.
  • Investigate automation of control plane mechanisms.
  • Define which services should be provided.

It was agreed in January 2008 this group should absorb the activities of the former Control Plane Working Group.



Task Forces

A number of small task forces focusing on specific technical challenges have been established as follows:
  • AutoGOLE Task Force
    Establishing the principles of GOLE automation.
    Leader: Gerben van Malenstein <gerben.vanmalenstein at>
    Mailing list:
  • Defining GLIF Architecture Task Force
    Establishing the principles of GLIF architecture
    Leaders: Bill St. Arnaud < at>, Erik-Jan Bos <bos at>, and Inder Monga <imonga at>
  • GLIF Performance Verification Architectures Task Force
    End to end performance characteristics of emerging light path (connection oriented) network services.
    Leaders: Steve Wolff <swolff at> and Jerry Sobieski <jerry at>
    Mailing list:
  • GOLE Operators Task Force
    Fostering and maintaining the community of GOLE operators, facilitating discussions of GOLE issues, agreeing operational standard and best practices, and consensus building on the evolution of GOLE technologies, tools, and characteristics.
    Leaders: Dale Finkelson <dmf at> and Gerben van Malenstein <gerben.vanmalenstein at>
    Mailing list:
  • NSI Implementation Task Force
    Implementing the OGF-NSI protocol
    Leader: Inder Monga <imonga at> and John MacAuley <john.macauley at>
    Mailing list:

Former Task Forces

  • Campus Networking Task Force
    Determines the needs and requirements of campus networkers, produces information on how to setup and use lightpaths, and encourages and supports tests and demos.
    Leader: Ronald van der Pol <rvdp at>
    Mailing List:
  • Distributed Topology Exchange Task Force
    Investigates exchange of inter-domain topology information.
    Leader: Jeroen van der Ham <vdham at> and Inder Monga <imonga at>
    Mailing list:
  • Generic Network Interface Specifications
    Developing a GNI specification, using existing interfaces to capture the minimum set of calls and parameters.
    Leader: Evangelos Chaniotakis <haniotak at>
    Mailing List:
  • Global Identifiers
    Investigating the management issues related to dynamic lightpaths, in particular how to uniquely identify these.
    Leader: Ronald van der Pol <rvdp at>
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  • Next Generation GOLE Architecture Task Force
    Investigating how GOLEs should be implemented in future.
    Leader: Éric Bernier <Eric.Bernier at>
    Mailing list:
  • perfSONAR Demonstration
    Sets up demonstrations of perfSONAR for monitoring lightpaths.
    Leader: Thomas Tam <thomas.tam at>
    Mailing list:
  • Resource Allocation Task Force
    Investigates exchange of policy and authorisation information.
    Leader: Gigi Karmous-Edwards <gigi_ke at>
    Mailing list:
  • Service Level Specification
    Developing a common SLS definition for GOLEs.
    Leader: Walter van Dijk <walter.vandijk at>

Mailing List

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