Global Lambda Integrated Facility

GLIF Meeting @ TNC18

This meeting was held during TNC18 on Monday, 11 June 2018 (08.00-10.30) in Trondheim, Norway.

The meeting discussed the issues around networks being increasingly software driven, and how research and education networks can gain experience with developing and testing code, along with development of more sophisticated measurement and monitoring capabilities.


  1. Introduction - Lars Fischer, NORDUnet & David Wilde, AARNet
  2. GÉANT network service evolutions - Bram Peeters, GÉANT
  3. Integrated Service Delivery Across Service Providers & e-Infrastructures - Gareth Malone, HEAnet
  4. SURFnet Automation & Orchestration - Alexander van den Hil & Hans Trompert, SURFnet
  5. AutoGOLE (LHCONE) R&D Activities - Joe Mambretti, Northwestern University

  6. GLIF 2018 programme & demonstrations - Lars Fischer, NORDUnet & David Wilde, AARNet