Global Lambda Integrated Facility

Subject Agenda for the DTOX meeting
From Jeroen van der Ham <vdham@xxxxxx>
Date Fri, 9 Sep 2011 10:17:50 +0200


At the GLIF meeting in Rio we have a short session. I had the following agenda in mind, any further suggestions are welcome!

- Use of topology in the Automated GOLE demo & NSI Interop test.
- Requirements on topology descriptions for GLIF

I have encountered some real-life scenarios that show requirements of topology descriptions in GLIF related networks. If anyone else has any, please email me, or prepare some slides to present them.

The goal of this meeting is to gather feedback, and to plan a roadmap for future use in the Automated GOLE demo.
I will also present the feedback to the OGF NML-WG, which is meeting the week after Rio.