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Subject Re: Re: and IPv6 problems
From Chris Tracy <chris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date Wed, 18 Feb 2009 12:56:39 -0500

Hi Kevin,

> > there appear to be some problems beyond when trying to access
> > the GLIF website from some sites within the US.
>  We've looked at things from our end, and from a system in the US, and can't 
>  find anything wrong. It seems the problem is beyond the control of the GLIF 
>  Secretariat.

Only systems in the US which have an IPv6 address which take the
following AS path seem to be affected (1273=>C&W to 1103=>SURFnet):

2001:610::/32      *[BGP/170] 01:06:34, localpref 70, from 2001:468:c00::251
                      AS path: 1273 1103 I
                    > to fe80::205:85ff:fe6f:ff70 via xe-7/2/0.0

If a host only has an IPv4 address, there will not be a problem.

As Ronald suggested, I think it would be best to find out what is
happening inside Cable & Wireless -- it appears to be their problem..

It is clear (from the Internet2 router proxy) that the following AS
path works fine (20965=>GEANT2) -- I'm convinced it is a SURFnet
problem.  :-)

2001:610::/32      *[BGP/170] 15:45:45, localpref 100, from 2001:468:9::1
                      AS path: 20965 1103 I
                    > to fe80::280:42ff:fe11:4af8 via so-0/0/0.0


>  Regards,

Chris Tracy
Mid-Atlantic Crossroads (MAX)
Office phone: 301.314.6655
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