Global Lambda Integrated Facility

Subject Re: Global ID variants
From "Jeff W. Boote" <boote@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date Thu, 2 Oct 2008 17:46:33 -0600

In the room this morning the vote was something like 15-3 in favor of the ogf prefix... Are we really looking for 100% consensus?


On Oct 2, 2008, at 5:10 PM, Wouter Huisman wrote:

I agree, we should be pragmatic and get the global lightpath IDs in place to ease the NOC operations. Your proposal to initially leave out the prefix sounds fine to me.

Cheers Wouter

Freek Dijkstra wrote:
Ronald van der Pol wrote:
After today's discussion we seem to have a couple of proposals:

urn:ogf:network:domain =<domain>:key1=<value1>:key2=<value2>:...:<local>

Do we want a scheme were a lightpath can have multiple globally unique IDs?
This would be the case where these are IDs for the same lightpath:
urn:ogf:network:domain =<domain>:key1=<value1>:key2=<value2>:...:<local> urn:ogf:network:key2 =<value2>:...:key1=<value1>:domain=<domain>:<local> urn:ogf:network:key2 =<value2>:domain=<domain>:...:key1=<value1>:<local>

I don't like this. This won't work in real life.
I concur. The idea of identifier is that it is unique. This isn't.
This would be very bad. One solution that was proposed in the hallway
was that the keys MUST have a specific order.
That said, I have four more objections against NURN, all stemming from
the fact that a NURN is in fact not an identifier. It is a list of
properties that happens to uniquely identify something. But it is not a
Should we (GOLE operators) start using a simplified form of naming asap in trouble tickets? We could start using <domain>:<local> now in trouble tickets. When we need it in a web services context we can stick a urn
in front of it. We can decide on a urn later.
I would highly recommend this. This seems like a very clean identifier. Later on other groups can decide to render this identifier in a certain
way when transmitted in a certain protocol if they want (e.g. as
urn:glif:<domain>:<local> or
urn:ogf:network:domain=<domain>:localid=<local> or
urn:ogf:network:domain=<domain>:localid=<local>:type=lightpath etc.)
However, this is then part of the representation, not of the identifier.
For example, I even appreciate NURN as a compact rendering of
properties; it's just not the same as the name/identifier anymore.
Freek Dijkstra