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Subject [Fwd: [nsi-bof] Confirmation of interim NSI meeting Seattle]
From Gigi Karmous-Edwards <gigi@xxxxxxxx>
Date Mon, 22 Sep 2008 08:41:52 -0400

Dear All,

Below is an email from Guy Roberts on an OGF NSI interim meeting to be held in Seattle, Friday after GLIF.

Kind regards,

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Subject: [nsi-bof] Confirmation of interim NSI meeting Seattle
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2008 10:25:54 +0100
From: Guy Roberts <guy.roberts@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: nsi-bof@xxxxxxx

I can now confirm that the interim NSI meeting will go ahead on the 
Friday following GLIF in Seattle.  The meeting room details are attached.

The meeting agenda will be distributed after the inaugural meeting in 

I hope you are able to attend and I look forward to seeing you there.


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Good Afternoon!

I am writing to follow-up on your request for side-meeting, during the 
GLIF conference, here in Seattle, WA.  I am pleased to inform you that 
we are able to accommodate your meeting, and have arranged for your 
group to meet at the following location:

OGF Network Services Interface Working Group
20 attendees
3 October, 2008
8:00am - 12:00pm

Meeting Location:
University of Washington
Gerberding Hall, Room 142
(Directions and campus map attached)

Please note:

* You are responsible for notifying your attendees of the meeting time 
and location.
* Meeting rooms include wireless internet access, a data projector, and 
* Any additional technical requirements will be at your expense, and 
billing and ordering arrangements must be made in advance.
* Food and beverages are NOT included with your reservation, but are 
available for an additional charge through our on-campus catering 
provider, Bay Laurel. Please note that this includes any water or coffee 
service you may wish to have.
* As this meeting coincides with the beginning of the academic year, 
arrangements for catering should be made well in advance (no later than 
2 September), and in the event that Bay Laurel is unable to meet your 
needs, an alternate vendor will be recommended.
* Gerberding Hall is open to the public each weekday, 7:45am - 5:00pm. 
If you will need access to the building outside of these hours, please 
let me know.

I am happy to help liaise between the University and your group, and to 
assist in coordinating menus, arranging for package delivery/storage, 
and the arrangements of any additional audio/visual needs you may have. 
  Please let me know if you anticipate needing any of these services, or 
of any additional requests your group may have.


Alyssa Robbins
Office of UW Technology
University of Washington

p: 206.685.5775 | f: 206.543.4641
e: daquina@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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