Global Lambda Integrated Facility

Subject Re: globally unique identifiers for lightpaths?
From Freek Dijkstra <fdijkstr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date Mon, 10 Dec 2007 14:43:29 +0100

In this discussion, I've seen the requirement twice:

- it is secure

The word "secure" has a very broad meaning. So far, I take it to related
to confidentiality of data, and it should not give out any information
(except perhaps about the owner; who to ask for more details). So it
must be opaque.

This seems to conflict with the requirement that it can be remembered by

Are there security issues involved other than confidentiality?

It this a conflict or is there a solution that satisfies both
requirements? If not, which requirement is more important: readability
or confidentiality.

I personally don't see a big security risk, as long as we're not forced
to use exact GPS (geo84) coordinates to identify devices or domains. I
love to hear about risk examples.


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