Global Lambda Integrated Facility

Subject GLIF Tech agenda input request
From Rene Hatem <rene.hatem@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date Thu, 16 Aug 2007 23:01:24 -0400

Hello GLIF Technical Issues Working Group participants,

The annual all-hands GLIF meeting is coming up fast. Session have been organized as can be seen at

As discussed at the last meeting, we'd like to solicit your input on the agenda/program. Specifically we have two questions. For both questions, suggestions/proposals thus far received are listed below. Please add to lists and/or rank what's there.

1) What problem(s) do you think Tech sould be tackling today to move us closer to the GLIF vision?
- GLIF Open Lightpath Exchange Updates
- Preparations for SC07
- TL1 Toolkit
- Service Contracting & Fault Resolution Process
- Issue Analysis Hybrid Networks
- PerfSONAR (or similar tools dedicated to lightpaths)
- Security aspects/problems in a lightpath environment
- Virtualised networks / Articulated Private Networks (as in meshes of lightpaths and going beyond
point-to-point links)
- VLAN-based lightpaths
- Visualization of Lightpath capacity on GLIF lambdas
- Lack (or excess) of global Lightpath demand
- SURFnet "Enlighten your Research" program results
- AARnet "EN4R" program and results

2) What discussion would you like to lead, or presentation make?
- exporting NDL from GMPLS data / GMPLS network simulation: Jeroen van der Ham + Chris Tracy - experiences with the "The ordering and fault resolution process for multi-domain Lightpaths across hybrid networks": Ronald van der Pol
- interdomain monitoring requirements: Ronald van der Pol

We look forward to hearing from you.

Erik-Jan Bos
René Hatem