Global Lambda Integrated Facility

Subject Draft agenda for GLIF Tech WG Meeting
From Kevin Meynell <kevin@xxxxxxxxx>
Date Tue, 23 Aug 2005 11:02:09 +0100

Dear GLIF Tech members,

Please find appended the draft agenda for the next GLIF Tech WG meeting.

The plan is to hold a joint session for the Tech and Control Plane Working Groups, before breaking-out into separate sessions during the afternoon. The agenda for the afternoon session of the Control Plane Working Group has already been circulated.

The agenda is still fairly fluid at the moment, so feel free to suggest any additions and changes.


Kevin Meynell

Draft Agenda for the 4th Meeting of the GLIF Technical Issues Working Group
30 September 2005, San Diego, USA (0900-1730)

There will be a joint session of the Technical Working Group and Control Plane Working Group from 0900-1500

1. Welcome and Administration, 10 mins

2. GLIF issues to address (Rene Hatem & Gigi Karmous-Edwards), 20 mins

3. GLIF Repository
   - RDF meta-data approach (Jeroen van der Ham), 30 mins
   - GLORIAD database approach (Greg Cole), 30 mins

(Coffee approx. 10.30-11.00)

   - DNS approach (Steve Wallace), 30 mins

4. Control Plane Issues
   - UCLP (tbc), 20 mins
   - DRAGON GMPLS (tbc), 20 mins
   - Scheduling and SLAS (tbc), 20 mins

(Lunch approx. 12.30-13.30)

   - AAA (tbc), 20 mins
   - Monitoring (tbc), 20 mins
   - Grid implementation (tbc), 20 mins

5. Discussion of common solutions and division of tasks between working groups, 30 minutes

(Coffee approx. 15.00-15.30, groups split into separate sessions)

6. Status of actions

7. GLIF BCP Document (Erik-Jan Bos & Rene Hatem), 45 minutes

8. Developments in Transcontinental Ethernet (John Graham), 45 mins

9. Next meeting(s)

10. Any other business