Global Lambda Integrated Facility

Subject iGrid application demonstration updates (6/24/05)
From Maxine Brown <maxine@xxxxxxx>
Date Fri, 24 Jun 2005 16:12:29 -0500


The latest iGrid demonstration Descriptions and Technical Specifications have been posted on our FTP site. Also posted is our first attempt to create matrices of all the technical specifications (thanks to Luc Renambot). Once these matrices are reviewed, we can post this information on the web for easy access.

There have been some "late breaking" developments, summarized below. All relevant information is included in the above documents to keep you up-to-date

* UK102 has been cancelled. Instead, the people who were behind this demo will be working with Alan Whitney as part of US122.

* US112 is not as far along with software development, but is still attempting to meet iGrid deadlines; they may work with SARA in The Netherlands.

* US122 is only in the organizational phases now, with Sweden, The Netherlands, Japan, Australia and the US, so the US122 technical specifications may change.

* US118 was to be an HD "portal" between the iGrid site in San Diego and the APAC conference in Australia, but this week we started to discuss using this portal for something more meaningful, and having Ian Foster, who will be in Australia, give a remote presentation to the iGrid audience, and have Larry Smarr, in San Diego, give a short presentation to APAC. There are some technical concerns, as well as some logistical concerns at the Calit2 building which are now being addressed.

We have an iGrid meeting on Monday and Tuesday in San Diego, during which time these technical specifications will be reviewed. After that time, I will be contacting the application people for clarification. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me so that I may get them resolved.

Thank you all for your ongoing support!