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[GLIF rap] Re: [rap] Call for Presentations for GLIF RAP Working Group

  • Subject: [GLIF rap] Re: [rap] Call for Presentations for GLIF RAP Working Group
  • From: Laurin Herr <laurin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 02 Aug 2010 13:09:10 -0700
  • Thread-topic: [rap] Call for Presentations for GLIF RAP Working Group

Maxine -- I would be happy to give an update about CineGrid at the GLIF


on 8/1/10 2:38 PM, Maxine Brown at maxine@xxxxxxx wrote:

> Dear GLIF participants,
> In preparation for the annual GLIF 2010 meeting in Geneva this October, I am
> soliciting short (~20 minute) presentations for the GLIF Research &
> Applications (RAP) Working Group.
> As we have done previously, people doing real-time bandwidth-intensive
> demonstrations at GLIF 2010 are invited to give presentations during the RAP
> working group breakout. Please email me if interested. (NOTE: GLIF demo
> proposals are due 31 August 2010; send to the GLIF Secretariat, Peter Szegedi
> <szegedi@xxxxxxxxxx>.)
> In addition, I would like to solicit presentations about recent (that is, in
> the past 12 months) bandwidth-intensive application developments in several
> key areas: 
> * high-energy physics
> * climate change (includes environmental science and "green" activities)
> * telemedicine
> * arts & media
> If you are interested in giving a presentation, please contact me and provide
> a short paragraph summary. We have limited time during the working group
> meetings, so I will try to accommodate as many presentations as I can.
> I look forward to hearing from you,
> Maxine Brown
> Co-chair, GLIF RAP Working Group
> maxine@xxxxxxx