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[GLIF rap] GLIF RAP Call for Application talks

  • Subject: [GLIF rap] GLIF RAP Call for Application talks
  • From: Maxine Brown <maxine@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2008 09:17:52 -0500


The GLIF Research & Applications (RAP) Working Group, which meets at the annual LambdaGrid workshop, is soliciting proposals for short 15-20 minute *application* presentations from attendees for the upcoming workshop in Seattle, 1-2 October. Presentations should provide an overview of the application probelm being solved, its reliance on multi-gigabit networking, and the network infrastructure that has been put in place. Problem areas can be in science, technology, medicine, business or the arts -- all high-bandwidth application areas are of interest.

IF YOU WISH TO GIVE A PRESENTATION, send a short description to Maxine Brown <maxine@xxxxxxx>, by Wednesday, 30 July. While we wish to accommodate everyone, time is limited, so proposals must be reviewed. Criteria will be based on technical merit, application domain areas, and creativity, to present attendees with as broad an overview of networked applications as possible.

We welcome your participation,

Maxine Brown

P.S. In addition to your  short presentations, GLIF attendees have an opportunity to do actual demos. Jacqueline Brown of the Pacific Northwest GigaPoP and Pacific Wave is coordinating. Contact <glif2008-demos@pnw> or <jbrown@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> for further information.