Global Lambda Integrated Facility

Control Plane and Grid Integration Middleware Working Group

Chair: Gigi Karmous-Edwards, MCNC
Secretary: Peter Szegedi, TERENA

Goal of this Working group

The goal of this working group was to agree on the interfaces and protocols that talk to each other on the control planes of the contributed Lambda resources.

It was agreed in January 2008 to merge the activities of this group with those of the Technical Working Group.

Activity areas

The community identified several key areas to focus on, namely:

  • Define and understand real operational scenarios
  • Defining a set of basic services:
    * precise definitions
    * developing semantics the whole community agrees to
  • Interdomain exchange of information:
    * determine what information needs to be monitored
    * how to abstract monitored information to share
  • Grid community
    * Define a Grid control plane architecture
    * Work closely with E-science applications to provide vertical integration

What is Control Plane about?

Control plane is a crucial issue in the deployment of optical networks. The control plane for optical networks was based on the IP routing protocol and on a static service delivery. The new model foresees an automatic delivery and on-demand provisioning over optimised network paths, made possible by optical control plane technologies. More


Mailing list

Discussions on control plane architecture have now moved to the mailing list <>. If you are interested in these discussions, please join this mailing list by clicking here to subscribe.

The old mailing list archive is still available though.