Global Lambda Integrated Facility

Working Groups

Governance and Growth (GOV) Working Group

Co-Chairs: Jim Ghadbane, CANARIE & David Wilde, AARNet
Goals: To identify future goals in terms of lambdas, connections and applications support, and to decide what cross-domain policies need to be put in place.

Research and Applications (RAP) Working Group

Chair: Maxine Brown, UIC & Larry Smarr, UCSD
Goals: To train a new generation of scientists on the use of super-networks.

Technical Issues (Tech) Working Group

Co-Chairs: Lars Fischer, NORDUnet & Eric Boyd, Internet2
Goals: The goals of the working group are to design and implement an international LambdaGrid infrastructure, identify which equipment is being used, which interfaces and protocols should be used for connections, and which functions and services should be provided. It was agreed in January 2008 this group should absorb the activities of the former Control Plane Working Group.

Affiliated Working Group

GLIF Americas (GLIF-Am) Working Group

Chair: Joe Mambretti, Northwestern University
Goals: To consider future GLIF/GOLE requirements, and discuss ways to extend existing capabilities to more research and education sites and communities in North, Central and South America. Formerly the GLIF North America Working Group.

Former Working Group

Control Plane and Grid Integration Middleware Working Group

Chair: Gigi Karmous-Edwards, MCNC
Goals: This group worked on the interfaces and protocols that talk to each other on the control planes of the contributed Lambda resources. It was agreed in January 2008 to merge the activities of this group with those of the Technical Working Group.