Global Lambda Integrated Facility


This session will be held in the Biscayne Ballroom on Level 2 of the Intercontinental Hotel, Miami, United States.

Provisional and subject to change

Thursday, 29 September 2016 (18:00-20:00)

  • E2E Real Service Analytics Over 100 Gb/s WANs Using the Blue Planet Framework - Marc Lyonnais, Ciena & Joe Mambretti, Northwestern University
    This will showcase and illustrate network usage and performance monitoring on a service with specific links in a multi-domain environment, gathered through a Blue Planet Analytics application. It will demonstrate that a multi-domain service in a WAN-based overlay network supported by multiple network providers can be monitored with minimal work, can extract data by different mechanisms, and can illustrate flow characteristics in a real time application where correlation of bandwidth utilization and application can be seen.
  • MOON: Media Operations On Networks using uncompressed 4K content - Daisuke Ando, Yusuke Uemura, Fumio Teraoka & Kunitake Kaneko, Keio University
    This will demonstrate the capabilities of file-based uncompressed 4K distributions from Japan to Miami with flexible live rendering using cloud rendering system and 10 Gb/s networks.
  • Prototype AtlanticWave/SDX controller - Jeronimo Bezarra, Florida International University
    This will demonstrate an international multi-site SDX controller under development by Georgia Tech and FIU. It will use software switches to demonstrate automatically creating tunnels (similar to Internet2 AL2S or ESNet OSCAR) between different network endpoints using a web-based interface. It will also demonstrate installing OpenFlow-like configuration files to create additional, amd additional functionality planned in the next year will be discussed.