Global Lambda Integrated Facility


These sessions will be held in Clancy's Room in the Rydges Lakeland Resort, Queenstown, New Zealand.

Provisional and subject to change

Tuesday, 30 September 2014 (18:00-20:00)

  • SDN: Big Freakin' Fibs - Josh Bailey, Cardigan
    At first they said it didn't work, and then they said it didn't scale. See 100,000s of flows in OpenFlow hardware.
  • Ciena Video Transport - Ciena
    Showcase of interactive video utilising uncompressed, compressed and encrypted 4K video flows using Ciena’s Ultra Long Haul technology and patented techniques that minimises transmission latency over great distances.
  • CineGrid - Jeff Weekley, CineGrid
  • Fast Lane- REANNZ
    Network researchers have dreamed of the prospect of Differentiated Service or Integrated Service as an accessible solution to the problem of contended bandwidth that is unequally valued by network users. Fast Lane, a solution enabled by Software Defined Networking (SDN), allows users to pay extra to prioritise particular data flows and gives finer-grained control over bandwidth usage, with the goal of moving towards a "bandwidth-on-demand" model for ISPs.
  • International Software Defined Networking Exchanges (iSDXs) - Northwestern University
    Showcasing the capabilities of International Software Defined Networking Exchanges (iSDXs) with Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI) extensions to support highly programmable global communication services
  • Flexible Traffic Splitting on Commodity Switches - Nanxi King
    Niagara introduces graceful routing updates on large traffic aggregates using a software-defined load balancer built on top of commodity hardware and software switches.
  • Use of adaptive network for high quality media delivery - CESNET
    Demonstrating automatic media content adaptation (transcoding and resizing) in bandwidth limited networks to enable demanding applications in localities without 10 Gb/s connections.