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Subject GLIF meetings during SC15
From "Lars Fischer" <lars@xxxxxxxxx>
Date Sun, 15 Nov 2015 08:52:58 +0100

Dear GLIF participant,

As was discussed in Prague, and announced on 8 October, GLIF TECH meeting to pursue a series of smaller, topical, workshop-format meetings centred on the GLIF TECH taskforces, and to organise such meetings during major events where it is believed stakeholders are participating.

Following up, we have set up two meetings during the SC15 in Austin, Texas during the coming week. If you’re going to SC15, please join us.

There two meetings will be

  • A GOLE Operators meeting, with an agenda to agree a plan of work for the coming year:

    1) Discuss the characteristics of a modern GOLE. This would include such topics as privacy and the meaning of being an “Open” Exchange. All of the various points presented at Prague need to be worked on. The intent was for individuals with specific interests to work on an aspect of that presentation.

    2) Again in line with the stated intent at Prague work on developing a matrix of capabilities for a GOLE. I have put together a first draft of such a matrix as a reference and starting point. As you can see its divided into separate groups of questions. This is only intended as a template and is open to all suggestions. Both the capabilities and the list of GOLES needs to be worked on as well as determining the level of detail requested in the answers.

    The meeting will be in the Austin Suite, Mon Nov 16 3-5pm. Gerben will be chairing the meeting

  • Automated GOLE Task Force meeting, organised by the AutoGOLE task force.

    The objective of this meeting is to set objectives for 2016 and prioritise current open and important actions.

    This meeting will take place Wednesday November 18 from 10:00am-noon in room 5C.

Hoping to see you in Austin!

Lars Fischer - CTO, NORDUnet
lars@xxxxxxxxx, +45 2288 1729, @lpfischer

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