Global Lambda Integrated Facility

Subject Pilot for GLIF Automated GOLE
From John Vollbrecht <jrv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date Wed, 2 Dec 2009 12:04:06 -0500

All -

At the meeting in Daejeon it was agreed to have a wg to develop pilot operational automated GOLEs. These would be automate switching of layer 2 connections between networks connected to the GOLE.

I have volunteered to chair this effort, and would like to have a co- chair. I would also like to identify who is able to participate in the group and how it will work. My current thinking is that we should establish a list of those interested and have an initial email exchange about what would make a good pilot.

The first part of the project will be to define what a pilot automated GOLE will be. My hope is that this will have several operational implementations. This initial definition will require that GOLE operators allocate some resources to the pilot and help define what connections will be possible. For this it will be good to have some GOLE operators that are able to allocate resources to the project.

We will also need to determine how the GOLE will be automated. This might mean every GOLE supporting the same software, having a common request that can be translated to multiple software systems or requiring that all GOLES be able to interoperate with each other. One possible way is to use the FENIUS software developed by the GLIF GNI wg as a common interface that is translated to a the GOLE native system. It would be good to have software developers of Fenius and native control system of participating GOLES.

Please let (me/ Gigi/ Erik-Jan) know if you are able to participate in this group.

My hope is that participation will be in the form of emails before Christmas and 2 or 3 calls in January before the GLIF meeting. The goal will be to present to that meeting a plan for what will be implemented by the fall meeting.