Global Lambda Integrated Facility

Subject dynamic GOLE pilot discussion list
From John Vollbrecht <jrv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date Thu, 14 May 2009 14:17:41 -0400

At the march GLIF meeting in Catania the concept of a dynamic GOLE was discussed and Lars Fischer suggested that we start a dynamic GOLE project within GLIF.  At the ad hoc GLIF meeting on April 27 in Washington there was a consensus to form a group to define what the pilot GOLE would be and present it at the GLIF meeting in the fall.  

GLIF has set up a mail group pilotdynamicgole@xxxxxxx to discuss this and prepare a presentation for GLIF.  Any interested in participating in this may join pilotdynamicgole@xxxxxxx   by sending email to info@xxxxxxx  and requesting to be subscribed (or unsubscribed).

I will send out some initial ideas about what such a pilot could be and suggest some times to have a call to discuss these in a followup email.

GOLE operators, including those at MANLAN, NetherLight and StarLight have indicated interest in helping to define this project, and once it is defined to evaluate whether to implement.  

In addition to defining the hardware and software required to support a pilot dynamic GOLE I expect there will be discussion about who will connect to the pilot(s) and what applications will run on them.  These could have interesting technical and political characteristics.

Please subscribe to pilotdynamicgole@xxxxxxx    if you want to get further emails about this.  Also please let me know if you have questions.  Anyone interested in participating is welcome to join the mail group.


John Vollbrecht
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