Global Lambda Integrated Facility

Subject Policy for Dynamic GOLEs 14:30Thursday
From John Vollbrecht <jrv@xxxxxxxxx>
Date Fri, 27 Feb 2009 14:29:43 -0500

All -

This is to give a quick update about the GLIF session at 14:30 Thursday in Catania. The session is on Policy for Dynamic GOLES.

My personal thinking is this might better be call Policy for Dynamic <Connection> GOLES, because this session is to deal with how GOLES can fit with dynamic connection capabilites as being standardized in OGF/ NSI wg and the GLIF GUSI wg, and being deployed in the a variety of instantiations - e.g IDC implementations by Internet2, ESnet, GEANT; Phosphorous networks such as Harmony, I2CAT and Viola; G-Lambda, and others.

I apologize for not requesting input for the session sooner - I only recently realized that I was to be chair. What I have so far is --

I will start the session with a discussion of what is meant by a Dynamic GOLE followed by a presentation by Eric Boyd from Internet2 on how its DCN uses existing GOLES and it thinking about dynamic GOLES. and tentativel a presentation from University or Amsterdam and/or SURFnet about how a Dynamic GOLE might be implemented in Amsterdam.

If others would like to share about their network and dynamic GOLE plans/ evaluation please let me know and we can put you on the agenda.

Followed by discussion--
I hope this will provide good discussion about dynamic GOLE characteristics, about the (limited) policy needed at a dynamic GOLE, and possibly where implementing dynamic GOLES would be valuable.

Please suggest agenda items