Global Lambda Integrated Facility

Subject Re: proposal for the introduction of Global Identifiers for lightpaths
From Freek Dijkstra <fdijkstr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date Thu, 28 Aug 2008 00:22:28 +0200

[resent; somehow my message didn't get through]

Hi Ronald, Lars, Tom and Thomas,

Good to see a common schema. Thanks for creating this draft!

If URNs are to be used, the name must be registered by IANA:
Unfortunately, the registration process requires "IETF consensus action".

As I see it, there are four options:
1. Use URNs, and register urn:glif: at IANA (and thus go to the IETF)
2. Use URNs, without official IANA registration (which undermines the role of IANA) 3. Use an "unofficial" URN, e.g. urn-1:gif:, which only has a very light-weight registration process ("two week review on urn-nid list")
4. Use URIs.

I think option 2 is very undesirable, and option 1 is too official at this moment (GLIF is not a standardization body as I see it). So I would recommend option 3 or 4.

Freek Dijkstra