Global Lambda Integrated Facility

Subject SC07 wide area network provider information
From Erik-Jan Bos <erik-jan.bos@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date Thu, 27 Sep 2007 22:46:49 +0200

Dear GLIF Tech:

As discussed in Praha last week, I hereby send you the information on
wide area network providers into the SC07 venue.

Please be aware that I only have been collecting this information and
that I am relaying this to the GLIF Tech now as a service to the GLIF
community and nothing else. Please contact the providers, and not me, on
inquiries on the information below. Thank you.

* NLR (Sources: Bonnie Hurst and Wendy Huntoon):
> there are still opportunities
> to use NLR's Layer3 or Layer2 infrastructure for SC07.  The best way 
> to get information and request resources is to send email to 
> ess@xxxxxxxx    If they email can include what resources are desired 
> that would be helpful. Regardless we will follow up the group to make 
> sure we understand what resources are required. For Layer3 (PacketNet) 
> we do expect many groups to just use it since it will be part of the 
> Layer3 connectivity at the show. However, we do like to know what 
> applications are planned so that we can provide better support, 
> especially during busy time periods.

* Internet2 (Source: Heather Boyles):
> Contact for coordinating use of Internet2 waves into SC07 is Matt Zekauskas <matt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> 

* PWave/CENIC (Source: Dave McGaugh):

> Chris Costa at CENIC will be the contact for accessing Pacific Wave connectivity for SC07:
> ccosta@xxxxxxxxx 

Best regards,