Global Lambda Integrated Facility

Subject Actions from Tech WG meeting in Minneapolis
From Kevin Meynell <meynell@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date Sun, 25 Feb 2007 22:11:44 +0000

20070214-1: Erik-Jan Bos & René Hatem to solicit potential candidates for proposed agenda steering committee.

20070214-2: Erik-Jan Bos to contact David Foster to ask whether CERN should be considered a GOLE.

20070214-3: Jan Radil to update CzechLight information on GLIF Wiki, including diagram.

20070214-4: Alan Verlo to update StarLight diagram.

20070214-5: René Hatem to ask CSTNET to update HKOEP diagram.

20070214-6: René Hatem to ask Christian Todorov to update MAN LAN diagram to reflect new connection to TWAREN.

20070214-7: Kevin Meynell to add NGIX-East to list of GOLEs.

20070214-8: Dave McGaugh to create legend for GOLE diagrams on the GLIF Wiki.

20070214-9: Kevin Meynell to add MoscowLight to list of GOLEs.

20070214-10: Wouter Huisman to contact i2CAT and MoscowLight to ask whether they should appear as clouds (i.e. no onward connections to other networks) on the NetherLight diagram.

20070214-11: Wouter Huisman to send source files for NetherLight diagram to the mailing list.

20070214-12: Lars Fischer to produce NorthernLight diagram.

20070214-13: Kevin Meynell to ask David Salmon for new UKLight contact details.

20070214-14: Kevin Meynell to add submarine cable provider names to GOLE information.

20070214-15: René Hatem to update fault resolution document.

20070214-16: Erik-Jan Bos to ask University of Munich whether they'd be interested in reprising a lightpath monitoring workshop, possibly at TNC 2007.

20070214-17: Ronald van der Pol to send pointers about end-to-end information format and web service software to the mailing list.

20070214-18: Kevin Meynell to put hybrid networks issue analysis document on the GLIF Wiki.