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Subject SC06 infrastructure: NLR
From Erik-Jan Bos <erik-jan.bos@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date Wed, 20 Sep 2006 15:54:13 +0200

Dear Tech:

As discussed in Tokyo, I am to collect information on possible lightpath
providers into the SC06 venue in Tampa, FL, USA. Here's the information
on NLR.



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Subject: 	[NLR-News] NLR Infrastructure for SC06
Date: 	Thu, 10 Aug 2006 16:26:23 -0700
From: 	NLR News <editor@xxxxxxx>
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Are you in the midst of planning for Supercomputing 06? If you need
network connectivity, NLR is making PacketNet and FrameNet services

** SC06 NLR PacketNet Infrastructure**

• 2 10 GE links
  * 1 to the Houston router, 1 to the Atlanta router.
  * A direct backbone link between the Chicago and Atlanta PacketNet
routers is being added to provide additional capacity.
  * Connectivity to PacketNet will be available by default through the
SCinet Layer3 infrastructure.

• A basic SCinet connection will provide access to NLR PacketNet
connectivity as well as other shared SCinet WAN connections.

** SC06 NLR FrameNet Infrastructure**

• NLR will provide a layer2 switched gigabit ethernet infrastructure for

• 2 10 GE links to the show floor, one from the FrameNet switch in Baton
Rouge and one from the FrameNet switch in Jacksonville.

• A direct backbone link between the Chicago and Atlanta FrameNet
switches is being added to provide additional capacity.

• Both 10 GE and GE connections are available to the NLR FrameNet switch
on the show floor.
  * Ports will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.
  * Both dedicated and non-dedicated point-to-point services are

• Users will be responsible for connections at the far end of the
circuit beyond the NLR demarc.

• NLR can only guarantee dedicated 10 GE access for 1 hour at a time for
any application.
  * However, if excess capacity exists, we will try to accommodate
requests for longer time periods.

• Users interested in connecting to the NLR FrameNet service should
request a dark fiber connection from their booth to the NLR FrameNet

Question or connection requests regarding NLR SC06 services should be
sent to the NOC at noc@xxxxxxxx Show floor infrastructure must be
ordered via normal SCinet procedures after August 31, 2006.

Don’t forget to visit NLR in Booth 1951. Supercomputing 06 runs from
Monday, Nov. 13 through Thursday, Nov. 16, 2006 in Tampa, Florida. More
info is available at

General information about all of NLR’s services can be found in the
interactive map under the Services link at NLR’s web site:

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