Global Lambda Integrated Facility

Subject Status of actions from last meeting
From Kevin Meynell <kevin@xxxxxxxxx>
Date Tue, 12 Apr 2005 11:58:36 +0100

Dear All,

Just a reminder of the status of the actions agreed at the last meeting, some of which are (over)due...

20050213-1  Kevin Meynell to change name of mailing list to <tech@xxxxxxx>.
	* Done

20050213-2 Erik-Jan Bos, René Hatem, Cees de Laat, Jerry Sobieski, Linda Winkler, and John Graham to write their sections for the GLIF BCP by 15 March 2005.

20050213-3 Kevin Meynell to chase-up contributions and put together draft document.
	* Contributions chased-up, but none received yet ;-)

20050213-5: Erik-Jan Bos and Jerry Sobieski to adapt draft CA*net 4 network service description to their own networks as a first step towards working to a service description standard.

20050213-7 Erik-Jan Bos to investigate the suitability of the semantic web for cataloguing GLIF resources by 15 April 2005.

20050213-8 René Hatem to clarify CA*net 4 GLIF-available resources, by 15 April 2005, in the hopes of initiating a discussion on the best way to better identify all GLIF-available resources.

20050213-9 Linda Winkler to send iGRID2005 timelines and milestones to Kevin Meynell in early March 2005.

20050213-10 Kevin Meynell to put iGRID2005 timelines and milestones on the GLIF website.
	* Not yet received.

20050213-11 Kevin Meynell to establish links to iGRID2005 and SC'05 from the GLIF website.
	* Done

20050213-12 Cees de Laat to continue discussion on definition of open optical exchanges and neutral colocation spaces on the GLIF-tech mailing list.


Kevin Meynell