Global Lambda Integrated Facility

Subject Message from Maxine Brown
From Karel Vietsch <vietsch@xxxxxxxxx>
Date Fri, 25 Feb 2005 12:42:56 +0100

Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2005 18:41:27 -0600
To: tec@xxxxxxx
From: Maxine Brown <maxine@xxxxxxx>
Subject: Updated iGrid proposals (24 February 2005)
Cc: Larry Smarr <lsmarr@xxxxxxxxxxx>, Jan Eveleth <eveleth@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Today I completed the *next* draft of the DEMONSTRATIONS and SYMPOSIUM LECTURES proposals for iGrid 2005. These are the proposals I received to date, but I do expect more proposals to come. I am giving you the SYMPOSIUM LECTURES because 1 or 2 mention they want to do a real-time demo. Most, however, want to show PPTs. I will discourage the LECTURE people from running demanding demos during talks; if they want to run demos, they should be in the demo arena so we can schedule them like everyone else.

Please note:

1. These proposals need to be reviewed by our Program Committee, so they may change or be eliminated
2. More information is needed for all these proposals!

I put *both* WORD and RTF versions of the 2 documents on an FTP site. (The RTF versions are huge, but I included them as 2 people previously had problems opening the WORD document.)

For past iGrids, when we needed more information, the technical people told me what questions to ask, and I sent emails to the applications people and then recorded their responses in this document. That way, this one document gets updated and distributed back to all technical people. We iterate this process up until the iGrid event. So, if you have questions, please record them (turn on TRACKING or HIGHLIGHT your remarks) and send them to me. At some point, we can assign technical people to assist with specific demonstrations, but it is too soon now.

I assume that it is appropriate to email the GLIF TEC group, as you are all involved somehow. If not, you should be :-)

Please send me any feedback you have, as it would be appreciated. I will send out updates on an occasional basis.