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[Fwd: [GLIF controlplane] Consultation on GLIF Tech and Ctrl merger]

  • Subject: [Fwd: [GLIF controlplane] Consultation on GLIF Tech and Ctrl merger]
  • From: Peter Szegedi <szegedi@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 05 May 2008 12:06:19 +0200

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Subject: Re: [Fwd: [GLIF controlplane] Consultation on GLIF Tech and Ctrl merger]
Date: Sun, 04 May 2008 15:01:27 +0200
From: Kees Neggers <Kees.Neggers@xxxxxxxxxx>
To: gov@xxxxxxx
CC: gigi@xxxxxxxx, Erik-Jan Bos <erik-jan.bos@xxxxxxxxxx>, Kevin Meynell <meynell@xxxxxxxxxx>, Peter Szegedi <szegedi@xxxxxxxxxx>
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Dear GLIF Governance WG members,

You just received the progress report from Gigi and Erik-Jan on the
proposed merger of the GLIF Tech and Control working groups.

To me the arguments look sound and together with the careful way Gigi
and Erik-Jan have prepared this change it seems straightforward to me to
approve this proposal.

In case I hear no objections before May 16 I will consider this proposal
accepted. This will allow us to report the new structure at the
forthcoming CCIRN meeting in Bruges, Belgium on May 17/18.

Thank you all for your ongoing support for GLIF.

Best wishes,

Kees Neggers

Gigi Karmous-Edwards wrote:
Dear Kees,

Erik-Jan and myself as current chairs of the tech and control plane
groups (respectively) have asked the GLIF community for  input on the
idea of merging the two working groups into one. During the Hawaii
meeting we opened a discussion on this idea with the participants. This
was very much a supported idea. We further sent the below email
describing the reasons we have for merging the two groups together and
the potential benefit it will provide towards helping the GLIF community
achieve its goals. We asked to receive all objections by April 20th, for
which we have not received any. At this point we would like to ask you and the Governance working group for your approval to merge the two
working groups into a single working group (GLIF Tech and Control
working group).  Erik-Jan and myself are committed to serving as
co-chairs in the newly formed working group if approved. Thank you for
your consideration in this matter.

Kind regards,
Erik-Jan (SURFnet) and Gigi Karmous-Edwards (MCNC/NCSU)

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Subject: 	[GLIF controlplane] Consultation on GLIF Tech and Ctrl merger
Date: 	Mon, 31 Mar 2008 23:01:12 +0200
From: 	Erik-Jan Bos <erik-jan.bos@xxxxxxxxxx>
Reply-To: 	Erik-Jan Bos <erik-jan.bos@xxxxxxxxxx>
Organization: 	SURFnet, Utrecht, The Netherlands
To: 	GLIF Control Plane WG <controlplane@xxxxxxx>

Dear members of the GLIF Tech and Ctrl WGs:

During the joint Tech and Ctrl meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii, Erik-Jan
outlined the differences between the Technical and Control Plane Working
Groups. The Technical Working Group has largely focused on current
operational issues, whilst the Control Plane is more focused on future
development. However, it has become clear there were increasing overlaps
between the groups, particularly as optical networks started to move
towards more dynamic provisioning.

It was therefore proposed that the two working groups should be merged,
with small sub-groups being formed if specific issues needed to be
worked-on. These smaller task groups would come and go, after their
mission is accomplished. In addition, break-out sessions could still be
organised during face-to-face meetings for those issues that were not of
interest to everyone.

Those present at the meeting in Honolulu agreed that the working groups
be merged, subject to ratification by the GLIF Governance Working Group.
It was suggested that Erik-Jan Bos and Gigi Karmous-Edwards remain as
co-chairs of the new group.

As name for the merged group we propose to use “GLIF Technical Resource
Management and Control Planes Working Group" or "GLIF Tech & Control WG"
for short. We are of course open for better ideas.

Through this message we hereby consult the community at large. We
propose that we put forward the working groups' merger proposal to the
GLIF Governance Working Group by April 20, 2008, in case no objections
are received. In case you do object, please send your objections
including reasons to Gigi and Erik-Jan, at your earliest convenience,
but not later than April 18, 2008 noon UTC.

Finally, the GLIF is a thrilling place to be part of. We both are
committed to serve as your co-chairs for the period to come, and look
forward to your continued participation!

Thank you and best regards,


Gigi Karmous-Edwards (MCNC) and Erik-Jan Bos (SURFnet).


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