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Glif Colleagues

This mail prompts me:

I took some sort of action at the Nottingham meeting to
work with Maxine and Terena to ensure there is a simple list of Glif
applications projects availabl eon the web site.

This is aimed at use for presentations to funding bodies etc..

The idea was to firm up a simple pro-forma (which Maxine already had a
good version of) and then work with Terena to populate a web site. [that's
how I remember it at least]

I propose to take some action on this now.


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> Subject: [GLIF all] RE: [GLIF gov] GLIF secretariat and mailing lists
> Dear Karel,
> It is a real pleasure to welcome TERENA in its role as GLIF
> secretariat. We just started a new year in hybrid networking
> in which GLIF partners all over the world are announcing
> exciting hybrid networking plans. It is good to know that you and your
team are fully behind us now to glue all this
> information together and bring it to even wider audiences.
> We certainly will be in touch!
> Kees