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RE: presentation GLIF

  • Subject: RE: presentation GLIF
  • From: "Tom Lehman" <tlehman@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 19 Oct 2009 14:28:05 -0400

Ronald, All,

I know that Internet2 ION and ESnet SDN are using the GLIF approved naming
scheme for their production services.

I am not sure the plan for MAN LAN, I have cc'd Brian, John, and Christian
from Intenet2 here, in case they may know more.


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> Lars, Tom, Thomas,
> I will give a short status report about global identifiers next week.
> Attached is what I have in mind. It lists all the GOLEs who present
> at GLIF. I am going to contact them all.
> Lars, Tom,
> Are NorthernLight and MAN LAN going to deploy the naming scheme?
> If so, what is your timeline?
> Thomas,
> You told me before that the gid naming scheme will be part of
> your new monitorng system. What is your current planning?
> 	rvdp

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