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RE: GLIF meeting presentation

  • Subject: RE: GLIF meeting presentation
  • From: "Tom Lehman" <tlehman@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2008 23:38:27 -0400


I am looking at the overall GLIF agenda:

Looks like there are simultaneous sessions for the Wed 15:30-17:00 and Thurs
09:00-10:30 time slots.

Who do we expect to be at the Global Identifier Task Force meeting on Thurs
09:00-10:30? I guess it is just the people who are specifically interested
in this topic?  I am guessing the GNI Specifications Task Force is going to
take alot of people away.

I know I will need to go to a significant part of the GNI Specifications
Task Force, since that has much to do with the control plane activities I am
involved. That does run at same time as Global Identifier Task Force.

But of course I can be available for a presentation at the Global Identifier
Task Force meeting as well.

In terms of the topic, I am not sure what exactly would be covered under:
"Impact of global identifiers for dynamic reservation systems"

All the dynamic reservations systems currently use a global ID I believe. So
perhaps a discussion would be "what is the impact to dynamic reservations
systems if they were to all shift to the scheme proposed by our paper? Also
what is the impact to E2EMON?"

Another topic would be, how do management/monitor systems (i.e. perfsonar)
plan to use the global identifier as part its processes and functions?
Thomas would probably be best to talk to that.

Also, I did not see a slot during the "Technical and Control Plane Working
Group" or "Plenary" session where you would have a chance to talk about
Global ID scheme. There is this slot:
"15:50-16:30  Reports from Working Group and Task Force meetings", but based
on time, will only be an opportunity to say that there is a paper to review.
Just wondering how we get review comments, and eventual approval from GLIF
as a whole.

Just some thoughts for further discussion at this point.


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> Tom,
> I proposed an agenda item:
> "Impact of global identifiers for dynamic reservation systems"
> and suggested that you may be a good candidate for this presentation.
> This is now in the draft agenda:
> Do you think this is a useful agenda item? My reasoning is that we
> people are working on dynamic circuits and that we want to monitor
> and manage them similar to manually configured lightpaths. Especially
> if we will have many of them. This means we need to think about how
> to handle outages and planned work. An important part of that is
> identifying the circuits. Sticking a global identifier to dynamic
> circuits seems to me like a good idea.
> Please let my know your thoughts about this and if you can do this
> presentation.
> 	rvdp