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RE: please comment on global identifiers proposal

  • Subject: RE: please comment on global identifiers proposal
  • From: "Tom Lehman" <tlehman@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2008 13:01:44 -0400

Ronald, All,

I have one question, hopefully a clarification.  

With the recommendation in section 4 to use the Sourcing GOLE Naming Scheme,
the list of globablly unique GOLE names are as listed on the GLIF web site.

My assumption is that if a circuit starts on a network which is not in that
GOLE list, then the global id will still be based on the sourcing domain

For instance if we have circuit which has the following path:


Is it ok to use a name for instance:

since that represents the source domain?  

If so, I think we need to include in the recommendation, something to the

"if the source domain is not in the GOLE name list, then globably unique
names can be formulated by using the sourcing domain dns name information,
as described in Section 3.2 for instance."

or should we just add the name "" to the list of GOLES
listed on the GLIF web site?


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> Lars, Tom, Thomas,
> I think it is about time to send a global identifier proposal to the
> GLIF technical/control working group. Could you please give your
> comments of the latest draft? I have attached it again to this
> email.
> Thomas has already replied that he would do it this week.
> I have not seen any comments by Lars yet. Lars, do you still want
> to contribute to the proposal or should I remove you from the
> author list?
> 	rvdp