Global Lambda Integrated Facility

[GLIF tech] Personal message from your co-chair EJB

Dear GLIF Tech Colleagues:

After more than 23 years of working -with great pleasure- at SURFnet, I
have decided to move on. I've always enjoyed working at SURFnet, as this
did not feel as "work"; it has been a mission and, as said, a pleasure.

On March 1, 2011, I will start to work for the 8-year old company of my
wife and her business partner, which is in the medical field. I will
continue to concentrate mostly on ICT in this new endeavour, as can be
expected :-). Other ICT related work is expected to come on my path, and
perhaps even in the higher education and research field...

Since the first LambdaGrid Workshop in Amsterdam, back in September
2001, when the name GLIF had yet to be invented, I always have looked at
GLIF as an example of how to do fruitful collaboration and advanced open
innovation. Sharing resources and knowledge with like-minded high-end
professionals truly around the globe is one of the most thrilling
experiences one can have, I think. I will especially miss working inside
GLIF, inside the Tech, together with YOU ALL.

I plan to come to Hong Kong for the GLIF Tech (and APAN/APRICOT) next
month, so I do hope to see many of you there to have a good chat and say

In case you are not able to come to Hong Kong and participate in the
upcoming GLIF Tech, please be assured that I have enjoyed working with
you in the GLIF environment, very much! A big thank you.

Best regards,